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Home page of the Boyne Park Residents Association: A warm welcome to the Boyne Park Residents’ Association website.  Membership is by annual subscription (£5) to residents and businesses in the four streets and those surrounding, please see our contact details for joining.

We post information regularly as it happens and welcome contributions from our members, the more contributions, the more interesting our website becomes. You can leave comments directly on the website, send a page to be included or contact all members through our google groups discussion if you wish to raise a topic.

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Chairman’s report 25th Feb 2014

Read Dorothea’s report here.

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Social, AGM & Drinks

Join us on Tuesday evening  25th February 2014 at 19.00 in  The Royal Wells Inn, Mount Ephraim

There are social drinks followed by the AGM and then a talk by:

Michael Holman

‘Putting Water back in the Wells. Building on the Brand’

There are exciting developments and ideas being being put forward and developed to enhance Tunbridge Wells. Proposals could transform the 5ways (by the clock tower) as a communal space. In addition there are ideas spread right across our town.

Listen to Michael and have the opportunity to discuss and influence these at the BPRA meeting on Tuesday 25th. Click to read more and for the agenda.

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AGM & Drinks at the Royal Wells

Boyne Park Residents Association

AGM 2014

Tuesday 25th February


The Royal Wells Hotel

Every resident of Boyne Park, Mayfield Road, Oakdale Road and Somerville Gardens is invited to attend the AGM where we hope to hold a lively and entertaining evening covering all matters relating to the four roads and Tunbridge Wells town

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January Town Forum Meeting

See the full report at Forum – 2014 – January

Taxis for the disabled – Do you know anyone who has had difficulty in getting one or has simply given up? Let us know so we can pass on your comments to the Council.

The Transport Group, The Tourism. Leisure and Culture Group and The Water in the Wells Community Interest Groups are reporting progress – read all about it.  There is also news about the 5 Ways development, Council budgets, Grosvenor & Hilbert Park.

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Town Forum News

Progress in enhancing our town centre

David Jukes (Leader of TWBC) updated members of the forum on progress being made. Read Dorothea’s report

Call me or one of our  Ward’s councillors for an update or read all about it on the TWBC website.

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Minutes – 2013-06-24

Boyne Park Residents Association

Minutes of a Committee Meeting

24th June 2013

 1. Present – Dorothea Holman, David Scott, Pippa Collard, Jeanne Samuels, Indie Palaha-Lee, Ruth Banister, apologies from Ian Soutar

2. Minutes of the previous meeting – accepted.

3. Matters arising –

Red Brick Pavements – Iain Hamilton of Oakdale Road had attended a council meeting where the red brick pavements were discussed but as yet no decisions or outcomes have been reached.

The BPRA wishes to keep bricks, modern or old, which are porous and non-slippery, whenever works are carried out in the future and when work is done on any of the pavements in the roads.

The bricks relaid outside the two new build properties are not of the correct make or style.  DH to write to the Joint Transportation Board and ask for them to be investigated, with any comeback on the builder if they are incorrect.

A regular leak at No 2 Boyne Park from what is thought to be a fountain has also damaged a large area of the brick pavement at the top of Boyne Park, almost where it meets Mount Ephraim.  DH to investigate.

Warwick Park is presently having its brick pavements replaced, DS to investigate how and why this happened.

Site Allocation Plan – this concerns all the small pieces of land TWBC owns and it lays out their plans for the future development of these pieces.  Some are small with no value, such as grass verges etc., some are larger, such as the car park opposite the Sainsbury’s Local where they have plans to fill in the gap along the road with more shops to continue the line but therefore losing parking spaces.

DH attended a meeting but found the event to badly organised and there was very little focus on Tunbridge Wells.

The questions is how to develop the town and be modern but retain its period feel.  Lincoln Town Council has achieved this and would be a good model for T Wells.

Right Turn into Mount Ephraim – this is in regards to easing the flow of traffic through the town on the A26.  No further news.

Tourist Information Centre – this has now been relocated.

Postal Service – this has improved.

4.  Report by Chairperson Dorothea Holman – no news.

 5.  Report by the Secretary Ruth Banister

RB reported that 53 members had paid for 2013.  A discussion followed about trying to promote the association to residents renting in the roads by offering a discounted membership.  It was agreed price was not a barrier to membership but a feeling of belonging.  No change to be made.

6.  Report by the Treasurer Ian Souter in his absence

We currently have £284.78 in the bank with no foreseeable expenditure until next year.

7.  Website Developments David Scott

There are few notices in the noticeboard and the website is quiet.

8.  Neighbourhood Watch – Pippa Collard reported that the garden party had been very well attended and everyone agreed it had been a hugely enjoyable event.  It could definitely be repeated next year, perhaps in an alternative venue, if no other large gathering was planned.

No criminal activity in the roads has been reported.

9.  Future events – it was decided not to hold a table top sale this year.  Two drinks evenings were agreed as Wednesday 18th September at 8pm and Thursday 19th December at 8pm, both at the Royal Wells Hotel – RB to organise with emails to members and discussions the Royal Wells.

10.  Any other business

There was no other business.

11.  Date of next meeting

Tuesday 8th October 8pm at Ruth’s house

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Post Deliveries

From 29th July all mail deliveries to our area are to be made from Tonbridge – shortly afterwards the Royal Mail location in North Farms will close.

Should you need to collect any item that is unable to be delivered YOU will have to go the Tonbridge to collect it. The office there opens six days a week at 7 AM. It closes at 17:30 with late night opening on Fridays until 8 pm and early closing on Wednesdays to 2 pm.

See the Royal Mail letter Royal Mail v02 2013-07-16  for details.


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